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Our world is filled with interesting and diverse people and places that range from banal to sublime. The interaction of light, color, texture, and form in our surroundings is my photographic inspiration.


I spent 20 years as a military pilot seeing the world from 30,000 feet both literally and figuratively. This beautiful but distant view kept me at arm’s length from interactions that challenged my comfort. After I retired from the military and subsequent role as a Veteran’s advocate, I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Photography. My journey to get closer to things that made me uncomfortable began when I entered the world of art and photojournalism. These photos are a part of that journey, and I invite you to explore a small piece of the world as I see it.


From digital capture to post-processing and printing, my photographs are handmade. The final print is the equivalent of what I saw when making the original capture, with no digital manipulation. I employ techniques consistent with traditional film photography, such as digital burning and dodging, as well as cropping when appropriate.  


I am currently a gallery artist at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts, where you can find a number of my photographs on display and available for purchase. I have also exhibited my work at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon, as well as the Atelier Gallery in San Francisco.

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